Saturday, October 15, 2011

Single is beautiful

Assalamualaikum & Hi all .

Here are some love crash story that happened to a friend of mine. Not to mention who she is. Just know her story it just good enough. Well, of course she are one of the wonderful friends that I own. I am glad to know her. Kind, beautiful, smart, loyal and funny ; 5 words that can describe herself as a whole. ( it is for true ok. no bodek2 :p )

So, she has been in love with her boifee for about 2 years. But not for now. Thank god. At first, we all thougt that "ugly fugly stupid" man going to be her true soul mate. Going to be her husband-to be and going to be a man who can protect herself. We put so much trust on him because from all the stories that she told us about him, its all a good attitude of him. how he was care for her, how he was act like a "guardian angel" of her and all the good2 things. And everytime when she told us about him, we can see the happiness through her eyes, and she will keep on grinning. At that moment, we was so happy for her.

BUTTTTT, not for now.. my respect is no longer for him. He is just like an ordinary man who take a woman for granted. come when in need, and go when feel free. SHIT!!! idk! even thought I am not the actor who play in this love story, but i feel betrayed too. How he could just leave my friend just like that. without a strong reasons that at least can make us agree with his fool action.erghh!! it is not once! But twice!!! insane isn't it? HUH!!! i feel hot right here. i hands are shaking and cold while typing on the keyboard. if he is right in front of me now, im going to slap his face and throw some heels to his head. let he feel how hurt my friends feel! (it is not enough i think. need some extra powerfull action; likee kick his ass.euhh!!)

Hey dude!! who do u think u are. running and leaving scars to my friend's heart! hey, don't expect that she accepted u for the 2nd times because she was so in love with u ok!!! in fact, u are the one who beg for her love!! PHUIHHH!! she just kesian jah!! u think u are so handsome? so kind? so pious? ahhh! i am so sick la when read all ur status update on ur FB! like u are so kind and innocent man! GTH la with all of ur quotes! like i care! absolutely i never care!
Hey! u don't deserve to have my friends as ur soulmate though. she deserve someone better. and fyi, she's not frust at all. she is strong now. she has everythings and going to have a better life without u by her side. u?? have nothing! reja pun tk tentu. naik moto cabok! macam dah gentleman sgt! euh... p la kawen sana dengan perempuan lain yg hang rase baik sgt tu. dok sebok chegite nk tunang segala bagai kan. p la sana. hang ingat kami suma kesah! haihh.. tak heran pon heh. pendirian pn tak tegoh, dok sebok nk pinang anak orang. cait.. u are useless man that i ever know live in this earth yaw!
in fact, we feel so grateful that u leave her now. because to be honest we didn't see that she going to have a bright futures with u!

To my lovely friend: be strong ok. we know that u are ok now. no more frustration things. u go on with ur life beautifully these days. full with joy n no more tears. feel free isn't it? remember, he is not everything to u. but u are everything to us n ur family. live ur life well while waiting for ur mr right to come and propose u. single is simple and less complicated. we love u :)

enough said

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